Edith sløk

FOMO In New York City


The Science of FOMO

FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” With Instagram and Snapchat, we’ve never felt more left out. FOMO stems from the social anxiety of being disconnected from everyone else and the want to live a more interesting, glamorous, or better life than others. Now that we have the ability to see what everyone’s doing and where they are at all times, you can feel helpless if you aren’t doing the same. Negative emotions, stress, and lack of sleep are all possible side effects of FOMO. Most teens spend upwards of 6 hours on their phones in their freetime everyday, so FOMO becomes a bigger issue. The more time we spend on our devices, envying the lives other people live, the worse we feel. Studies show that teens today are lonelier than they were just 25 years ago. 31% more eighth graders feel lonely and majority of high school students would report their mental health to be below average. Mainly because we’re able to know what anyone's doing at any given time, at our fingertips. Think: SnapMap, stories, etc. So here. To make sure you don’t feel as left out, I’ve made this to keep you updated about things that are happening in the city.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

What: Disney brings Mickey Mouse to New York City with Mickey Mouse themed everything. This is meant to highlight Mickey’s influence on pop culture over the past 90 years, from his debut as Steamboat Willie to who Mickey is now.

When: Runs till February 10

Where: Right by Chelsea Market

Who: Disney

Price: $38 (ticket needed)

Color Factory

What: Color Factory is a 20,000 foot space filled with colourful fun. This 16 room building includes a ball pit, and many colorful exhibits. It’s a self proclaimed celebration of color and a ton of fun.

When: Runs till February 28

Where: 251 Spring Street

Price: $38, general admission

Sony Lost in Music

This is a cool tech experience where you can make your music track, a “MeMix” and also watch live performances from Sony Music Artists, like Mø. This cool music experience is high tech and can make a music track to your heartbeat, movement, and your interactions.

Dreamland Roller Rink

“Brooklyn’s Best Roller Rink”. Every Thursday, they have a “hula hoop hour, skating and dance classes for kids and adults, and themed dress-up roller disco!”