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Popular Classes and Electives - What do students like?


It’s 8:20. You lumber away from your seat in homeroom, tired, but ready to face the day. You look at your schedule, but the question is, how do you react?

As a 6th grader, I smile when I see Art, English, and World But everyone has different  opinions, and I was determined to find out what everyone in the Middle Grades thought. So, I sent out a survey to everyone in the Middle Grades and reviewed your answers. What I found was pretty astonishing.

Q.#1 and #2: What is your favorite class and why?

The majority of student replies (28 out of 100) said English is your favorite class! Many said the teachers were nice and they loved to read, but most said they loved English because they loved to write and read stories. It seems a lot of you love the creative ambience of this class and all the passionate energy going on. The teachers are worth being mentioned however, so Ms. Delhagen, Ms. Tursellino, Mr. Kravitz, Ms. Berkeley and Mr. Shaffer, kudos to you all for being voted Favorite Class!

Following their lead by a close 1 vote is Art class! Many of you mentioned you feel relaxed in this class, while others said they liked to challenge themselves and loved the variety of projects in the class. The teachers are obviously a big factor as well. It seems many of you referred to this class in a way where it almost didn’t even feel like school anymore, due to the amount of fun you’ve been having.

In third place we have WAM with 22 out of 100 votes! Many of you said you loved moving around, while the other classes required you to be seated most of the time. WAM is the opposite, a class to run around and get all your energy out. However,these aren’t the only

As 6th grader Annika Sondhi said, “I chose math because Ms. Sosenke teaches us in a way that makes learning fun. She know when to make jokes and when to be serious. She teaches me in a way to make everything understandable. She has a motivation to teach us and is awesome. She makes school way better.”

Please remember that this is only about 100 people, approximately a third of the Avenues Middle School. This list does not represent all the Middle Grades, only the ones who responded!

Q#3 and Q#4: What is your elective and how do you feel about it?   

When I started this article, I planned on writing solely about the fundamental nine classes of the Avenues education. However, as I progressed through the idea, I realized electives were also a huge part of our learning, and I decided to include them here to showcase our opinions on that special class we got to choose.

When I posted this survey, there were four opinions I gave to see which ones students would connect with, for example:

“I love my elective, it’s my favorite part of the day!”

“It’s cool, I like it.”

“Eh, it’s okay…”

“I strongly dislike it.”

Fortunately, an overwhelming 37% of you answered the first option. It’s great to hear how so many of you loved this 40 minute period to do something you’re passionate about. Most people who answered this option were in Creative Writing or Creative Construction. About 40% of students said they liked their elective. Kids in Drama, Mastery Play and Hispanic Culture & Community chose this option. However, I was alarmed at the 3% who said they strongly disliked their elective. If this is a class that we the students got to choose for ourselves, how could it be possible that people dreaded this part of the day? That leads me to the question I added after seeing these results:

Q#5: What electives would you like to have seen or want as options next year?

When I put out this question, I have to admit that I didn’t expect too many people to answer, maybe two real ideas and 80% “I have no idea.” But It turned out only 6 out of 33 people were clueless. However, your ideas were very varied, so I’ll put out a few I thought were interesting, popular and original:

  • Cooking or Baking

  • Stand Up Comedy

  • Film Making

  • Art

  • A sport elective

Thank you all for sharing, and I hope teachers will put your ideas into consideration next year!

Q#6: Overall, how would you rate school from 1-10, 10 being the best.

Of course, one of the biggest questions of this article, how much do you like school? The huge majority of middle graders chose 8, meaning school was something they liked. I’m also happy to report 27 nines and tens. However, unfortunately, we have more than 17 votes under 6, indicating people who chose they this dislike school. I, personally, would rate school at a 7. School is super fun, however some of the units this year weren’t really personal interests for me.

All in all, I’m happy with the results we got, as most of you seemed to be happy about how school’s been going this year.

That concludes my student feedback! As you can see, people seem to be happy about classes and electives for the most part, however, we do have ideas on how to improve next year. To end this article, I would like to acknowledge all who responded to my survey. Thanks for reading!