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The Sixth Grade Experience: Lockers

It’s the first day of Middle School, the first day of all these new changes in your school life. You scurry to your homeroom after receiving your schedule and your ID Badge. Following the introductory talk to middle school, you eagerly walk towards your first challenge. Lockers. Many kids had success with opening their lockers after the first few tries, but others weren’t so lucky. I interviewed Izzy Leyton, a 6th grader who has some opinions about her locker.

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Global Journeys: An Amazing Experience

Ever since Avenues opened in 2012, Global Journeys have been an integral part of the Avenues experience. But what really makes Global Journeys so special? Is it the adventure of travel, or the experience of another culture? Avenues was created and designed to teach their students how to be “at ease beyond their borders.” Global Journeys is a very clear representation of this goal.

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Why diversity is an issue at Avenues

Have you ever thought about diversity and how it impacts the Avenues community? The fact is, there isn’t enough ethnic, racial, or socioeconomic diversity at Avenues. Louis Straker, a seventh grader at Avenues said, “It’s only minorities talking about race at Avenues.” Sadly, this seems to be true. It seems like diversity is the invisible elephant in the room.

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Salva Dut: The Story That Inspired the Middle Grades

A tall man with dark skin and a navy suit stands in front of the projector, facing a few hundred of the Avenues Middle Grades students squeezed into the seventh floor commons. His intimidating height and facade vanish when he smiles at the crowd. “I’m so happy to be here this morning with you.”

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